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How is this blog a haven?

Being a person who has studied a bit of psychology and human resource management, been actively in learning and development and dealing with a lot of issues personally and professionally, I feel there is a grave need for every individual, be it a student, a parent, a worker, a professional, an artist, a spouse, a… Continue reading How is this blog a haven?

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3 foolproof ways to earn from your blog in 2019

As a blogger, I’ve been there, done that and have had my learnings. So I want to share these learnings with as many people as I can help. Why do I want to help? Because I know the struggle is real and so I am here to address it.

Without making you read a long article, let us jump straight to the 3 ways to earn from your blog in to read

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Long Distance Relationships

If only there were a way to smooth things out! If only the flight prices were as low as just to fly out whenever. If only there were a technology to teleport. If only there were a way to decode emotions over the phone. Wouldn’t that make things easier? Or if we think about it, maybe there is a way...

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Virtual Baggage

If you are that regular guy or girl, these emotions are normal and must be felt. Else you'd be a robot or Cyberman (from Doctor Who). Feeling an emotion that you go through makes an energy flow through you. It can make you feel warm at heart or heavy at the chest. It can make your head feel funny or relaxed. No matter which one it is, you've just got to let it flow. Avoid bottling it up for a long time.

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Starting over

All of us, you and me alike, have been through intense dark times. These periods can be so strong that they change us emotionally, socially, and even physically. At times I feel there can be a complete three - hour - blockbuster - IMDB rating 8 movie made on a script which is your life and you being the main protagonist.